M.IN.T.OR. has in the SARAS Refinery the main and oldest customer. This long collaboration has supported business training in the oil field.
The oil sector and more generally, the fossil fuel industry, is typically divided into three main parts: upstream, midstream and downstream operations. The term upstream refers to the research, recovery and production stages of oil and natural gas (Oil & gas). It is also known by name with the English acronym E&P to identify the stages of exploration and production.
The upstream sector includes the search for potential 'underground' and/or underwater 'pockets', verification by drilling and subsequent fuel recovery.
The midstream industry works, preserves, markets and transports products such as crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG, mainly methane, propane and butane) and sulfur.
The downstream sector, in turn, deals with refining, sales and distribution of natural gas and crude oil derivatives.

The principal activities of M.IN.T.OR. have their core business in middle and downstream operations, the company has an enviable reputation as a multidisciplinary support partner, in addition, previous collaborations with the Saipem Group for offshore realization provide an important contact with the industry, industry upstream.

M.IN.T.OR. with its professionalism is able to offer engineering services of detail, manufacture and 'commissioning' of small and medium boilers, and pressure parts, heat exchangers and process equipment, piping and steelworking.
With long-lasting collaborations in refineries and terminals, we carry out projects with full autonomy of new investments, maintenance, stops and revisions, projects with the highest standards of efficiency and above all, security.
Among the services offered, we have P.E.D. Certification both in Pressure Equipment and in Assemblies.