M.IN.T.OR. concentrates its experience in the field of power generation plants fueled with fossil fuels and/or biomasses: simple cycle systems with steam production through traditional, hypercritical, fluid bed boilers (in particular FBCs - Fludized Bed Combustion), and in a combined cycle (IGCC - Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle).

Services offered by M.IN.T.OR. in the field of electrical generation, are based on activities specializing in the prefabrication, assembly and maintenance of electrical generation plants (or parts of the same plants). Regardless of the activity, whether it is a simple uplift or a complex revamping, we have the knowledge and experience to run it efficiently and with respect for the safety of our staff.
Specifically M.IN.T.OR. is specialized in the construction and assembly of pressure parts (low and high pressure circuits).

For years it also operates in a Framework Contract for the maintenance of thermoelectric groups of Enel S.p.A.