The chemical and petrochemical industry includes companies producing non-petroleum-based chemicals. This industrial sector is of particular importance in the current world economy, enabling the conversion of unrefined goods (Petroleum, Natural Gas, Water, Metals, Minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. Technical features comparable to other industrial sectors and large market sizes attract a large number of companies. M.IN.T.OR. with its professionalism is able to offer engineering services of detail, manufacture and 'commissioning' of small and medium boilers, and pressure parts, calorie exchangers and process equipment, piping and metalworkers.
With long-lasting collaborations in refineries and terminals, we carry out projects with full autonomy of new investments, maintenance, stops and revisions, projects with the highest standards of efficiency and above all, security.
Among the services offered, we have P.E.D. Certification both in Pressure Equipment and in Assemblies.