Roberto Minato Fondatore della MINTOR

Roberto Minato - Fondatore

M.IN.T.OR. was founded by Roberto Minato in 1987 in the main industrial area near Cagliari to provide experience and professionalism in the field of mechanical constructions. The main structures, close to the industrial harbor, a few kilometers from the largest refinery in the Mediterranean Sea, develop on an overall surface of 8,000 sqm. of which 1300 sqm. are covered by the principal workshop.

The development of the industrial area of ​​Cagliari accompanied the first years of activity during which it gained an excellent reputation, the same as the passing of time makes it possible to regard M.IN.T.OR. a point of reference for your industry. The constant growth of the company, the absence of more investments in the neighboring areas and a growing credibility pushed M.IN.T.OR. to search for new challenges in continental Italy and on international territory.
A first step, of responsible growth, was carried out at the end of the 1990s. Those tools that are needed to address this first step accompany the business today and represent the core pillars of corporate activity.

Our men are the basis of our success Investing in young, skilled and motivated professionals; this translates into steady growth (external training and know-how transfer through practical activities), high profile performance, customer satisfaction, and readiness to face the challenges of the future. ZERO Accident Health-Safety is the starting point for all activities; constant work supervision, periodic updating/enrichment courses and adapting procedures based on experience are our commitment. Customer Satisfaction Every single contract is the basis for a long collaboration that reinforces through the creation of added value deriving from the execution of our projects.

M.IN.T.OR. is able to provide services in various fields: planning, prefabrication, pre-assembly, assembly and maintenance of various types of industrial equipment (for a complete list see the services page), providing the customer with an economic and organizational advantage; increasing productivity and efficiency. M.IN.T.OR. commits to building durable collaborations based on cultures and shared values. Recent investments, multi-year cooperation between junior and senior figures and its development of up-to-date techniques and efficient procedures, revenue growth and significant changes in the international context are characterizing the re-establishment of post-crisis activities highlighting new opportunities in EMENA (Europe, Middle East , North Africa).

Investments in 2009, including market research to track new economic trends, communication development, acquisition of new assets, and diversity in commerical offers, provide the tools needed to emerge in an international context without sacrificing existing collaborations. The positive trend recorded in recent years rewards the strategic choice of responsible growth and moderate investments to accompany a gradual internationalization process.


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